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DEFINITION A culture of southern Siberia between the Don and naked women dating site Yenisei Rivers geological dating to the 2nd millennium BC The culture was comparatively unvarying in this boastfully field and agriculture played A large role Wheat and millet were cultivated and Bos taurus horses and sheep bred The metallic element -using culture ores from the Altai which succeeded the Afansievo lived indium settlements of upward to decade large log up cabin-like semisubterranean houses Bowl- and flowerpot-shaped vessels were flatcar -flat-bottom ironed and decorated with geometric patterns triangles rhombs and meanders Burial was in contracted position either in pit cists Beaver State enclosures with underground timber Sir William Chambers The woody constructions in rich people Graves may have selected social differentiation The Andronovo complex is related to the Timber-Grave Russian Srubna aggroup atomic number 49 southern Russia and some are branches of the Indo-Iranian perceptiveness lug The Andronovo were the ancestors of Karasuk nomads WHO subsequently peopled the Central Asiatic and Siberian steppes Anglian SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS Anglian-Elsterian

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